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28 Aug

Direct Mail Reigns - Even in a Hyper Digital World

Including Direct Mail in your Omnichannel Marketing Approach

I am a senior at the University of Cincinnati and will be graduating in December from the Carl H. Lindner Business College with...

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7 Aug

CCPA: The Other Side of the Coin

In our previous blog post, we explored several different reasons why the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) could actually be a good thing for marketers. As with everything, there are...

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31 Jul

Marketing in a Minute: Identity Matching & Privacy

Consumers’ concern about privacy is increasing, AND so is their desire for better, more targeted ads. Consumers are giving advertisers more information in exchange for an individualized...

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24 Jul

Promo Codes and the Attribution Myth

Promo codes are wildly popular in driving additional demand for marketers, but PROCEED WITH CAUTION if your goal is to track conversions and measure the success of your promo code...

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17 Jul

Can CCPA Be a Good Thing for Marketers?

With the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) quickly approaching, marketers are asking themselves whether this will bring new obstacles to overcome or if it will lead to something good....

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15 May

Marketing in a Minute: Identity Matching... Precision vs. Scale

As marketers, we want to be able to connect as much data as possible to a single customer, and these associations have to be accurate. What is the difference between Deterministic and...

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24 Apr

CCPA: Top Resources for Getting to Know California 2020

Going into effect on January 1, 2020, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) may seem in the distant future, but there is no better time to prepare for its impact on day-to-day...

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17 Apr

Marketing in a Minute: AI...The Future of Personalization

Over the past few years, data has outpaced our ability to use it. But Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables advertisers to sift through the data and turn it into actionable insights. Take a...

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6 Mar

Everyday AI for Marketers

As part of our blog series on moving beyond the marketing buzz in 2019, we want to break down one of the most popular buzzwords currently being used, Artificial Intelligence, or commonly known to...

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27 Feb

Marketing in a Minute: Personalization through Data & Technology

All marketers think about using the data consumers provide them to develop personalized content and communications. But, individualization extends farther than that. Take a minute to learn...

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