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3 Jan

2018 Brings New Perspectives for Direct Marketers

As we review 2017, we find the year of electric semi-trucks, Artificial Intelligence, the “Me Too” movement and an unforgettable solar eclipse. We can say with certainty the year did not...

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16 Aug

Marketing in a Minute — Your Obligation to Individualize the Customer Experience

In the first video in our "Retail Isn't Dead...Mediocre Customer Experiences Are," Lori talks about the need for marketers to rethink what consumers want from their shopping experience.

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24 May

Smart Retargeting Tactics to Re-engage Lapsed Customers

Some claim that customer loyalty is overrated, if not dead. We’re not overly fond of pronouncing that a practice or method is “dead.” Read our Direct Mail Isn’t Dead blog for proof. But there is...

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5 Apr

Podcast — The Future of Direct to Consumer Marketing

Allen and Larry discuss where direct to consumer marketing was 5 years ago, where it is today, where they think it will be in 2022 — and what you should do now to prepare.

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11 Jan

With Great Amounts of Consumer Data Comes Great Responsibility

Today’s marketplace lends itself to a more robust level of data analysis than anybody could have possibly envisioned before the dawn of the Internet. The use of data for marketing purposes is both...

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28 Dec

How to Build Trust with Your Audience with Individualized Direct Marketing


In today’s era of data and technology, every company wants to engage in individualized marketing. However, delivering individualization goes beyond addressing an email or direct mail piece with...

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2 Nov

Data-Driven Marketing Is Bridging the Digital and Direct Mail Marketing Gap


Technology has yielded many advances in the way marketers plan and implement their strategies, but technology has also changed the way consumers view marketing and advertising. It’s not enough...

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26 Oct

Why Direct Mail or Digital Isn’t the Results Driver; the Customer Is!

Truly customer-focused marketing requires businesses to look at their strategy from their audiences’ point of view. Instead of focusing on what your company does well and how you can capture...

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19 Oct

Why Data Is the Foundation of Customer-Focused Marketing

All companies say they care about their customers. But caring about your customers only goes so far if that statement isn’t accompanied by actionable insights regarding the preferences and habits...

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5 Oct

Obsessing about the Customer: How to Evolve Your Direct Marketing Strategy to Get Results

It’s impossible for a business to survive without marketing. But marketing is a means to an end. A company can’t sell its products without getting the word out, and the best way to entice...

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