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About Us

Our Mission

At NaviStone®, our mission is to make marketing more efficient by combining signals of intent with the most powerful conversion medium. 


An advertiser's best prospects are those who have raised their hand and shown intent by visiting their website.

Now you can reach these highly engaged web visitors with direct mail, the most highly responsive medium. 


Our patent-pending technology combines intent data and direct mail so you can convert new customers with

personalized content, while maintaining consumer privacy and reducing your customer acquisition costs.


Retail, travel, financial services, automotive and many other consumer-facing companies have found that our proprietary

modeling methodology, which uses more than 100 browsing variables, very effective and have added it to their marketing mix.


We're proud to call Cincinnati, Ohio our home, with our headquarters located in Over-the-Rhine.


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Big things happening behind this little red door


We are proud to be headquartered in the historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood in Cincinnati. 

Our Men in Orange


Our Men in Orange work hard behind the scenes to solve marketing's biggest challenges. 

Meet Our Team

The NaviStone® team possesses deep knowledge and vast experience in the direct and digital marketing industry, on both the client and supplier side of the equation.

Larry Kavanagh: As CEO and Visionary at NaviStone, Larry spends a lot of time working on the big stuff: big relationships, big ideas and solving big problems.  Appropriately, he spends his web browsing time on big idea websites such as fivethirtyeight.com, washingtonpost.com and npr.com.  He also finds some time for fun on mlb.com and “Bad Lip Reading” on youtube.com.  How and when does a busy CEO find time for browsing at all?  Early in the morning or late at night, always on his iPhone.

Efrain Torres:  As NaviStone’s CFO, Efrain has some serious responsibilities to keep our financial house in order.  Financial reporting, cash management, forecasting and employee benefits management are just some of the things that might keep him up at night.  And since he is up, he can often be found browsing on his iPhone late at night, looking at sites like cnn.com, nytimes.com and npr.com.  But Efrain also has a social side as well, as evidenced by time spent on nextdoor.com and facebook.com.

Lori Paikin:  Lori serves as Chief Revenue Officer at NaviStone, and is the consummate road warrior.  Responsible for business development, client services and marketing, her travel schedule can only be described as frenetic.  Her browsing time is limited to evenings in numerous hotels on her laptop, and of course her “go to” website is tripadvisor.com.  Lori can also be found on linkedin.com, recipes.com, atpworldtour.com and eonline.com, where she admittedly spends way too much time reading celebrity gossip.

Tom White:  As NaviStone’s Chief Technology Officer, Tom is the software engineering guru behind the company’s suite of products.  He also holds responsibility for our data infrastructure, as well as the development of the tools to support our sales, service and product teams.  Tom is a devotee of music, science fiction and popular culture, and spends much late night time browsing websites on his mobile phone that the rest of us have never heard of: nerdist.com, brandonsanderson.com, news at reverb.com, theverge.com and exposm.net, among them. 

Jude Hoffner: As VP of Product, Jude works across the organization to assure that we develop and deliver a quality product at a fair price to all our clients.  Jude is a true Renaissance man, who can wax poetic about everything from French literature to his beloved Golden State Warriors, and these varied interests lead him to early morning browsing sessions at cbssports.com (for fantasy sports tips), theintercept.com, zooniverse.org, theatlantic.com and spotify.com.  And as an Apple devotee, always, always on his iPad.

Traci Krall: As NaviStone’s Operations Manager, Traci is the glue that holds us all together.  Once the sales process is complete, she is the first person that new clients meet, overseeing site tagging, quality control and the accurate and timely filling of orders.  Traci also serves as spiritual leader and yoga and fitness consultant, encouraging us all to exercise, eat right, and generally take better care of ourselves.  No surprise that  her favorite website is crossfit.com.  Traci also browses on her iPhone, both early in the morning and at night, visiting healthiq.com, pinterest.com, anthropologie.com and freepeople.com.

Chris Ludwig: Chris is a Software Engineer at NaviStone, and is responsible for our entire data infrastructure, including data ingestion, data storage and system security.  He is an outstanding systems troubleshooter, as well as an outstanding musician.  Chris sings and plays multiple instruments, and if you ask nicely, he will take out his phone and play some songs where he has laid down every vocal and instrumental track himself.  Chris uses his laptop for early evening browsing, hitting sites such as amazon.com, microcenter.com, drudgereport.com, moddb.com and youtube.com.

Mat Forster: Mat is a Senior Software Engineer at Navistone, developing solutions around data, process, automation, workflow, and monitoring. Mat has also created software for businesses in the healthcare and eCommerce industries. His favorite websites answer at least one of two questions: "what's happening?" and/or "how to"...be it learning about the day's news, code syntax, glass-working techniques, fresh sheet-music, or a new lead on an old anvil.

Courtney Schack:As Vice President of Client Services, Courtney works with our clients to assure that NaviStone is truly helping them to grow their business and expand their customer base. As a mother of three young children, Courtney’s browsing time is limited to her mobile device, and usually after 9:00pm. In addition to Amazon.com, Courtney focuses her website visits on social sites like Instagram, Pinterest, NextDoor and Facebook.

Angie Arnspiger: As VP, Business Development, Angie heads up the NaviStone remote sales team. While Colorado is home, she spends a lot of time traveling from the West Coast to the East and everywhere in between.  This travel time allows for a lot of website shopping!  She browses on her phone and iPad mini, checking out the deals to be had on her favorite shopping sites and watching for digital ads to follow as she reads the news on cnn.com and rivieramayanews.com.      

As Finance and Accounting Manager, Amanda spends much of her time budgeting, forecasting and reporting on all the financial activities at NaviStone.  As a self-proclaimed “Foodie,” she can often be found scouring restaurant websites for her next meal!  Amanda also spends time on Instagram.com (whenever the kids are not awake), and religiously checks in on Weather.com every morning and evening.  And everything on her IPhone – no time to browse while not moving!

J Bentz: As one of NaviStone’s Client Partners, J spends her work hours assuring that her clients get maximum value and performance from NaviStone Products.  When not working, she likes to browse sites like amazon.com, wayfair.com & overstock.com. Most of her shopping is done online, frequently through Amazon. If she’s shopping for shoes, clothes or accessories that’s all done in-store, because she likes the instant gratification of new clothes!

As one of NaviStone’s data analytics wonks, Charlie spends a lot of his work day staring at a computer screen.  To counter this, he moves around a lot during his personal time, playing lacrosse and just exploring Cincinnati on foot.  Charlie spends late afternoons browsing on his phone, checking out sites like youtube.com, reddit.com, soundcloud.com, espn.com and amazon.com.

Seth, NaviStone’s Onboarding Manager, spends his business day working with new clients to set them up for a successful launch of their NaviStone programs.  In his free time, Seth enjoys reading (old school, tangible books and magazines), playing basketball and golf, and just hanging out with family and friends.  Seth does most of his browsing (all legal, he claims)  in the evenings on his iPhone or MacBook, checking in at sites like youtube.comtechcrunch.combarstoolsports.comreddit.com andamazon.com.

Like any effective VP of Marketing, Megan spends much of her time at work multi-tasking: content development, event management, branding and lead generation, etc. In her free time, however, she is quite focused, soaking up every minute she can with her husband and children in their beautiful state of Colorado. When the house is quiet, Megan does some website browsing on her mobile device checking in on sites like amazon.com, facebook.com, Instagram and thedenverchannel.com.
In his role as Senior Infrastructure Engineer, Ken manages NaviStone infrastructure, helps develop new software and automates everything! In his spare time, Ken can be found playing games on his computer, hacking new technology late into the night or 3D printing. His late-night browsing includes sites such as reddit.com, news.ycombinator.com, github.com, youtube.com and arstechnica.com.

In his role as a Software Engineer, Tyler focuses on infrastructure, internal tool development, and data processing. In his spare time, Tyler can be found at the dog park, watching movies, or practicing guitar. He mostly browses on reddit.com, youtube.com, and Instagram.com from his phone throughout the day.

When Tova is not working, she spends a lot of time with her husband, daughter and dog. She can often be seen out at a music festival or concert, and loves to travel and hit the farmers market, parks, zoo and anything art related. When everyone in the house is sleeping she can be found in the early morning or late at night scouring any music related site, Facebook, Instagram, Weather.com and Amazon.

As a Client Partner for Navistone, Lisa spends most of her time making sure we are delivering what we promise to our clients and meeting or exceeding their program goals. In her free time, Lisa loves socializing and entertaining her family and friends so she frequents sites like Facebook.com, Instagram.com and foodnetwork.com. She does most of her browsing and shopping on Amazon.com late at night from her mobile phone when her husband and son are asleep.  

When he's not optimizing and increasing the efficiency of our finance department, John spends his time making wine, drinking wine and eating great food. When he's not doing that, he's typically exercising or reading. In the late evening, on his iPad, John can be found browsing sites such as bleacherreport.com. instagram.com, espn.com, and www.apple.com/apple-news. 

When Ava isn’t napping or bugging people to play tug with her, she can be found begging for food, at the dog park, or looking out the window. She browses petsmart.com, forbes.com, and cnn.com on her iPawd throughout out the day.

As Director of Business Development at NaviStone, Jill enjoys getting to know prospective customers in order to help them achieve a lucrative ROI when it comes to their marketing efforts. When she's not working, she can be found on the southern coast of Maine spending time with her family and walking her two small dogs. While sipping on her morning coffee, Jill usually browses sites like amazon.comshortoftheweek.comaudible.com, and npr.com.


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