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Reach your previously unidentifiable website visitors with Retargeting Postcards and convert 50X more visitors than digital display ads.

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Build your marketing strategy one customer at a time to blow away consumer expectations

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A Better Source for Prospecting

Website visitor and behavior tracking technology is a new way for direct marketers to identify engaged, unique direct mail prospects.  It opens up a brand new universe of responsive customer acquisition targets.

Find the Right Audience

By simply adding one line of code to each website page, you can unlock a new universe of “ready to engage” customers.

Re-Engage Customers

Identify lapsed customers who are "raising their hand," telling you that they are ready to buy again. 

Low Risk, Affordable

No hidden fees for data storage and management. A 25,000 name test is your only obligation.  

Direct Marketing Results

Who We Are

Traditional direct marketing contact strategies are driven entirely by past purchase behavior. As that data ages, it becomes less predictive of future responsiveness. At NaviStone®, we lead the vanguard in progressive website visitor tracking technology. Our proven approach to both customer acquisition and reactivation allows us to create a list of unique, engaged website visitors to include in your marketing campaigns.

Our technology adds the power of intent — digital browsing behavior, to traditional transaction history to expand the scope and improve the productivity of your direct and digital marketing programs.

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What Clients Think

Here's how some of our customers plan to expand the use of NaviStone® in 2016. 

"The NaviStone® Reactivation test results were a real eye-opener. DHC will definitely be increasing our use of the product in 2016."

Gary Gauntt - President at DHC USA, serving health and beauty products

“It makes sense that the NaviStone® data would perform in niche situations where traditional prospect sources do not."

Jay MacNamee - Director of Marketing at Bavarian Autosport

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