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Retarget Interested Prospects with Direct Mail Strategies

It's not just about driving site visitors. It's about how to more effectively drive demand from the visitors you have.


Hitting the (re)Target Directly

Reinventing Digital Retargeting

NaviStone combines classic direct mail with digital retargeting and provides the newest, most responsive marketing channel; web-powered direct mail. Website visitors are showing their intent through the products and pages they browse. Transform these engaged browsers into responsive customers through the most responsive marketing channel - direct mail.

With other direct mail marketing solutions, and direct mail in general, you always run the risk that your mail piece goes straight in the recycle bin. Potential customers know when they're getting a mass, non-personalized sales flyer from a direct mail marketing company. At NaviStone, we're a direct mail company that does things differently. We design and print direct mail and direct mail postcards with strategy, catering to the needs of each individual on your mailing list.

We understand the importance of privacy in this day and age, and we're proud to comply with all regulations regarding solicitation and mailings.



                                                                        Unlock a new universe of "ready to engage" consumers. With our direct mail services, site visitors receive mail that's personalized to them based on their browsing habits. They aren't getting the same mail as someone down the street. And, since the mail is personalized, you're getting the best possible shot at converting them to a customer. Our personalized approach lets customers know that you care about their needs and that you're working to create a one-on-one customer experience.


Drive demand from lapsed customers

Welcome back lapsed customers who are "raising their hand", telling you they are ready to buy again. Reaching out to these customers as soon as possible is key. They've remembered that they enjoyed your service in the past, and they're ready to come back. With our printing and direct mail service, personalized mailings are created and sent within 24 hours of their visit to your website. This means that what you offer will still be fresh in their minds, and they'll likely be pleasantly surprised to hear from you in their mailbox.

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Enhance your multi-channel communications

Leverage intent data to reach customers across any marketing channel with dynamic content. When you reach across marketing channels to let your customers know about the services and products you provide, you're making it easier to hit different generations, genders, socioeconomic brackets, and more. We'll work with you to understand your target audience, and we'll use our data to enhance your communication across several platforms.

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 Who We Are

Traditional direct marketing contact strategies are driven entirely by past purchase behavior. As that data ages, it becomes less predictive of future responsiveness. Keeping the consumer's privacy a first priority, NaviStone® invented a progressive technology that models the browsing behavior of prospects and customers to determine who might be interested in making a purchase. This solution uses the power of intent to improve the productivity of your direct marketing program. Our proven approach to customer acquisition, retention, and reactivation allows us to create a list of unique, engaged website visitors to include in your marketing campaigns.

  • Dedicated Expertise
  • Strategic Approach
  • Proven  Results

When you're looking for a direct mail company, we know that you have choices. We're glad you're considering NaviStone. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions so that we can help you decide if our printing and direct mail strategy would help move your business forward.


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