Break Through the Digital Clutter

Leverage digital intent data to convert your known and unknown website browsers to customers via personalized direct mail. Unique and timely one-to-one customer experiences, delivered daily.  

The Best of Both Worlds

At NaviStone, we turn bits and bytes from the digital world into tangible marketing with ink and paper. The result? A marketing product that helps brands grow their business and makes their customers smile.
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5% Response Rates

NaviStone’s marketing technology platform powers customer acquisition by combining online intent data and highly responsive personalized direct mail. No other channel drives 5% response rates on new customer acquisition.

Breakthrough the digital clutter and...

  • Offset the loss of third-party cookies
  • Improve overall cost to acquire new customers
  • Avoid the unstable costs of digital advertising
  • Maximize the investment made to drive site traffic

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Reimagine digital retargeting. Remarket to known and unknown site visitors at the precise moment they demonstrate intent to transact. 
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Enhance your customer acquisition strategy with Look-a-Like audiences. Scale your acquisition efforts with a new audience of potential customers.


Boost the performance of your customers with current intent data by enhancing the known data resident on your CRM file, with current intent data.

Trusted by Great Companies

Our solution has proven impactful for hundreds of marketers in various industries, including retail, travel, home services, automotive and financial services.
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We've More Than Doubled Our Success

"We are loving this program. We were running a program like this for years with another partner and we saw success, but we’ve more than doubled our success now that we moved to NaviStone and really have a more strategic partner and uber targeting. If it’s something that would work for your business, I highly encourage you to look into because it’s really benefited us, especially right now where a direct mail piece really stands out in the mailbox.

Lisa Erickson, Senior director of customer relationship management and loyalty at Sleep Number

Our Commitment to You

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NaviStone’s commitment to consumer privacy is a core building block of our business. Our platform delivers the relevant ads consumers have become accustomed to, without compromising privacy.

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In support of our commitment to sustainability, when you take just a few minutes to learn more about environmentally conscious mail, NaviStone will plant a tree in your name.