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The 2023 Marketing Playbook CTA
The 2023 Marketing Playbook: A  Guide for the Year

Turning this year's top four challenges into opportunities

10 Tips for Designing an Effective Postscard
Ten Tips for Designing an Effective Postcard

Get the best performance from your campaigns.


Hitting the Retarget Directly
Hitting the (re)Target Directly Research Report

Analyzing the role mail can play in an effective digital retargeting strategy

Optimize Strategies with First Party Intent Data
Optimize Your Marketing  with First-Party Data 

Maximize the value of your intent data

Guide to Data Privacy
An Advertiser's Guide to Data Privacy in 2023

Learn about online privacy regulation, the website privacy minefield and more. 

The Digital to Print Evolution
The Digital to Print Evolution is Upon Us

Learn about the endless potential of first-party intent data.

Making it Meaningful-1
Making it Meaningful: Marketing with Personalization

Personalization should be a key component of your marketingstrategy, not an afterthought.

Direct Mail and Digital Marketing Together
Direct Mail + Digital Marketing = Better Together

Customers exist everywhere, and so should your brand.

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