Sleep Number is Driving Incremental Sales with Direct Mail Partner Platform


Sleep Number is highly focused on building customer relationships, and that starts the moment someone visits their website. Sleep Number is doing this through direct mail retargeting. After utilizing direct mail retargeting programs for four years, Sleep Number recently ramped up its investment after switching to a new provider, NaviStone. The platform allows Sleep Number to personalize its retargeted direct mail based on site visitors’ browsing habits.

COVID’s impact on store fronts has changed how business owners engage with consumers. Sleep Number, affected by the business challenges of 2022, seeks to enable timely communication, to engaged consumers, that provides a sound reason to visit a store - while also standing out from its competitors. Sleep Number’s primary objective is to acquire new customers, and help them to become ‘Insiders’, or brand advocates.


Sleep Number began identifying which web pages visits were most indicative of the visitor’s likelihood to convert. Then via a partnership with marketing services provider SG360, further partnered with NaviStone to tag those pages. The NaviStone platform then matches these anonymous site visitors with home addresses, and within three days of their visit, recipients receive a direct mail piece inviting them to come into the store. NaviStone provides its customers’ IT teams with a short matching code, and a single line of JavaScript to insert on each designated page of its website. The data collected is stored in a secure environment specific to each customer. Website visitors are scored on their likelihood to take action, using NaviStone’s proprietary modeling algorithms. When website visitors show an intent to purchase based on this process, postal names and addresses are provided for direct marketing prospecting and reactivation programs. NaviStone uses a third-party data partner to connect the visitor ID to a name and address, which is forwarded directly to the customer’s printer or data services provider, (in this case SG360). Neither NaviStone nor the customer takes possession of the name and address of the site visitor, assuring that visitor’s anonymity.

Once someone makes a purchase, Sleep Number attempts to move the customer into its loyalty program, which keeps them engaged with highly personalized content. This relationship is maintained, in large part, through Sleep Number’s highly personalized retargeting and loyalty direct mail programs.


Incremental sales rates