Design Toscano sees 5% Response Rate from Direct Mail Retargeting


The Design Toscano marketing challenges hinged on the reoccurring themes of time commitment and cost. Design Toscano discovered NaviStone while looking for a new marketing solution to add to their marketing stack while maintaining marketing budgets and having a low-touch solution that drove strong results. Design Toscano has been using direct mail since their inception and layering the additional layer of a website trigger was just the right addition to drive more timely delivery to an already proven channel.



NaviStone and Design Toscano partnered together to better understand the timeliness of their customer outreach, the speed to react to customers’ movement on site, the accuracy of tracking, the relevancy of creative, and the ability to measure.

After reviewing the website, Design Toscano enhanced their marketing and segmentation per NaviStone’s patented, double-blind marketing technology. With their website URL mapped, multiple audiences were created based on product categorization and customized creative to ensure a personalized experience. The AI-driven solution of finding customers most likely to purchase, associating them with their postal name and address and delivering a relevant and timely postcard was their perfect solution.

Once the initial solution was launched and proven, Design Toscano expanded who they were delivering postcards to include segments of their customer file. Those who are on their website and also on the customer file, but not purchasing in the same browsing session. NaviStone was able to trigger postcards to this “difficult to activate” audience helping to increase repeat buyers and LTV. NaviStone’s postcards deliver daily, reaching the right customers promptly. NaviStone worked with Design Toscano to use direct mail retargeting to acquire new customers, reactive lapsed buyers, target and convert cart abandoners and drive product sales.

The Design Toscano team was thrilled to see consistent results, even during the time of the pandemic by using NaviStone’s postcard program for both new customer acquisition and customer retention.


Response Rate on retention program


ROAS on their retention program


Response Rate on prospecting program