Why NaviStone

Change the channel with Digitally Powered Direct Mail.

As marketers experience major disruptions to digital programs (loss of third-party cookies, ad blockers and Apple IOS changes), brands are looking for new ways to reconnect. NaviStone’s personalized postcards are opened, clicked and viewed.

Privacy Compliant: ALWAYS

NaviStone prioritizes consumer privacy above all else. Unlike other providers, with NaviStone, browsing data resides in a separate physical location than Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Partners in the supply chain are unable to directly or indirectly associate online to offline data.

Intelligent Targeting: ESSENTIAL

Not all browsers are the same. We are experts in both direct mail and digital marketing and recognize that direct mail requires a different approach. By analyzing intent data our modeling algorithms will identify the consumers with the highest likelihood of responding. These are the consumers to mail.


Match Rates: HIGHEST

We use a network of partners and a combination of methodologies to maximize reach and accuracy achieving a 70% match rate and 90%+ accuracy.

Data Sharing: NEVER

We are the only digitally powered mail platform that provides incremental audiences for direct mail without data contribution or data sharing. We use your data solely to enhance your marketing efforts and never sell, share or contribute it to aggregated identity graphs for use by others. Your data is always treated with the highest level of integrity.


Trusted by Great Companies


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Quality Leadership

NaviStone is led by quality leaders with the intent on helping make direct marketing more targeted and more effective for businesses, while providing timely information for consumers when they are in the process of making their purchase decision.

Jeff Spanbauer


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Leading Experts

Larry Kavanagh and his team are the leading experts in direct marketing and eCommerce performance and have been for decades. Larry is the first person I think of when a company I am helping is tackling the challenges of eCommerce.

Jim Salters, Quanta HCM