Consumer Privacy

NaviStone's® Commitment to Consumer Privacy

NaviStone’s commitment to consumer privacy is primary; a core building block of our business. Consumers want relevant advertising and information about products. However, to provide information that is relevant and useful, retailers need to know what consumers are truly interested in without compromising privacy. NaviStone has designed a marketing platform that protects consumer privacy while helping clients deliver more relevant advertising that consumers can use.


What NaviStone Does:

NaviStone models the browsing behavior of website visitors to determine which of those browsers might be interested in purchasing the advertiser’s product or service. We then use third-party data partners to connect the visitor ID to a name and address, which is forwarded directly to the advertiser's printer or data services provider for inclusion in the mailing event. Neither NaviStone nor the advertiser takes possession of the name and address of the site visitor, assuring the anonymity of the website browser.

What NaviStone Does Not Do:

NaviStone does not capture visitor name and address information. Our data partners, who provide the name and address information to our clients’ third-party printer or mailing services company, do not have access to any of the behavioral data that NaviStone uses to build our models. This "double blind" marketing platform assures that no single party possesses both name and address and behavioral data, providing enhanced privacy protection and data security to all involved . 

How Does NaviStone Work?

When an advertiser creates a campaign, NaviStone selects the visitors most likely to respond to that campaign, and sends their visitor IDs, stripped of the behavioral browsing data, to an outside data partner who connects the IDs with postal addresses. That information is then sent to a printer to be included, with other recipients, in an advertiser’s direct mail campaign. Each clients data is stored separately in a secure environment and used for the sole purpose of that client.  Such data is not shared with NaviStone's other clients, directly or indirectly.  Additionally, the consumer’s name and address is never disclosed to either NaviStone or the advertiser, and the advertiser never learns their identity or their interests, unless they make a purchase and voluntarily provide their name and address. 


Consumers who do not wish to receive direct mailings, and opt out by putting their name on the “do not mail” list maintained by the Direct Marketing Association, do not receive any direct mail campaigns from NaviStone’s clients.


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This document was last updated on August 5, 2019

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