how it works

How It Works

How NaviStone® Works

By matching your website visitors who have “raised their hands” or shown intent to buy to their postal addresses, NaviStone's® proprietary technology will enhance your marketing efforts by expanding the reach of your direct marketing program and increasing the results. Our cost-effective solutions will help you identify first-party prospects and reactivation targets to include in direct mail programs.


Insert One Line of Code
on Each Webpage

We'll provide you and your IT team with a short tracking code (and instructions) to insert on each page of your website. Data collection begins immediately and is reviewed for quality by our staff.


Identify Engaged
Website Visitors

Data is stored in a secure environment specifically dedicated to your company's information. Website visitors are identified as direct marketing prospects or reactivation targets based on their level of engagement on your site, as identified by unique algorithms developed by our data scientists.

Identify Engaged Website Visitors

Identify Verified
Names and Addresses

When unidentified website visitors show an intent to purchase based on the modeling process described above, NaviStone® will secure postal names and addresses to include in your direct marketing prospecting and reactivation programs. We adhere to the strictest data privacy laws and guidelines to protect both client and consumer data.

Identify Verified Names and Addresses

and Repeat

NaviStone® will continue to track website behavior to identify new, unique prospects and reactivation targets so you can expand and optimize this unique process for success time and time again.

Use, Expand, and Repeat

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