NaviStone® Products

The NaviStone® suite of products enables marketers to powerfully leverage the wealth of website visitor browsing data that shoppers leave behind every minute of every day. This data tells a story of “intent,” intent that can be used to craft valuable marketing messages to convert previously unidentifiable website visitors with high-response direct mail.

NaviStone® provides both accurate Postal names and addresses, along with intelligence garnered from visitor behavior patterns, to reach out to a unique set of prospects and lapsed customers that other audience providers are unable to deliver. The end result? Our clients gain insights into where web visitors are on the path to purchase, allowing them to deliver tailored direct marketing mail pieces that consistently “close the deal.”


Personalized Postcards

Until today, retargeting previously unidentifiable website shoppers was limited to low-impact, low-response digital display ads. Now, NaviStone® offers a turn-key Postcard program that allows you to reach out to previously unidentifiable website shoppers via the power of direct mail. Postcard content is tailored to the individual shopper based on their behavior on your website, and postcards can be mailed within 24-48 hours of the site visit.



NaviStone® Prospecting is a unique source of new names for your business based on meaningful visitor engagement with your brand on your website. We match 60-70% of your previously unidentifiable site traffic to Postal names and addresses, and then use the intent data left by those visitors to identify high-response prospects for your direct mail campaigns. Our low duplication rate against other outside lists (5-10%) indicates that we are truly helping our clients beat their competitors to the mailbox.



NaviStone® Reactivation identifies customers browsing your website who would not be selected to receive a direct mail piece based on traditional transaction data. When mailed, these active browsers have performed significantly better than all other reactivation segments.  You send us the house file names you plan to mail, and we send back highly productive, incremental segments to add to your campaign.


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