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Personalized Direct Mail Postcards

As a professional who works in marketing, you know how important it is to talk to your customers. This is often easier said than done. While we love direct mail, finding the right audience for direct mail marketing does have its challenges. When was the last time you were able to find a truly new source of unique prospecting names for direct mail? And, how do you know if those consumers are still in market for your product or service by the time you get access to that audience and they receive your offer?


The good news: there's a better way, and we've found it.


At NaviStone®, our direct mail postcards get your information to the people who are interested in learning more about your business. Our mailing lists are accurate and are the best way to get custom direct mail postcards into the hands of consumers considering your service or product. We know that direct marketing can be tough, and we're here to lift some of the burdens off your shoulders with our custom postcard mail service.

Why Personalization Matters

We all check our mailbox every day, knowing there will be some mail that is irrelevant on its way to the recycle bin, and ecstatic when we see that mail that is personal and relevant and makes that emotional connection to us. People quickly sift through the mail, so to get consumers to put your mailed offer into the ”keep” pile, it's key that you stand out among the visual white noise that spills out of most people's mailboxes.

The way to stand out? Personalization. People are quick to recognize when a piece of mail is part of a mass appeal. Potential customers don't feel special or appreciated when they're getting the same mail as everyone else. When they receive personalized direct mail, things change.

When a potential customer sees that you know their name and care enough to send them a direct personalized piece of mail, they know that you're dedicated to providing them the one-on-one service that they deserve. When they see that they get direct personalized attention before they've spent a dime, that connection begins to form and they'll feel more comfortable investing in the products and services that your company has to offer.


How Our Direct Mail Postcard Program Works

We've custom tailored our direct mail postcards program to be simple for you and effective for grabbing your customer's attention. Our direct mail postcards service is a turn-key program that you can use both to reengage existing customers and appeal to new potential customers.

When a customer visits your direct website, we'll use their browsing history with your site to create a unique postcard that will go straight to their mailbox, addressed to them with their name and address. Your customers will get a piece of mail with a personalized message, along with information designed to appeal to them based on their shopping history. This means that you're not taking a stab in the dark at what will appeal to the masses. You're using current intent data to help you understand the needs of your customers and send the best piece of mail possible.

Forget the term “snail mail” as our solution is different. We comply with privacy regulations, yet we're still able to match 60-70% of your site's traffic to postal addresses. We then reach out to these people with a piece of personalized mail, with a postcard design and postcard size that’s custom to their interest. The turnaround time is fast - a custom postcard is mailed to your potential customer within 24 hours of their visit to your website.


Our Results

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