How It Works

Reconnect with your unknown website visitors.

Model, Match, Mail, Measure

Ready to work with NaviStone? We do the heavy lifting to make it easy for you! Our team of Client Partners will provide strategic recommendations pre-campaign, mid-flight and post-campaign to maximize the likelihood of success.

Tag Your Website

A single line of javascript code accesses anonymized first-party intent data from your website.

Model & Score

Anonymized data is modeled using 100+ variables to determine likelihood of responding to your offer via direct mail. Audiences are scored top-down allowing flexibility in audience selection.

Match & Mail

Site visitors are matched to postal name and address using unique first party cookie IDs. Mail is sent first class within 24 hours to consumers who want to hear from you.*

*Do Not Mail / Rent, NCOA and COA files, and DMA Pander files are applied for data hygiene, ensuring a “mail ready” file.


Measure & Optimize

Conversions are monitored inflight and optimized to meet KPIs. Real-time dashboard reporting puts results at your fingertips.

Protecting Consumer Privacy

Your site visitor’s intent data is never sold, contributed, shared or made available in any way for use by anyone other than you.

See the Guide to Consumer Privacy

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Read the Dos and Don'ts of Consumer Privacy


Review the Privacy Checklist