Convert consumers, both known and unknown, regardless of where they are in their buyer's journey. 

Yesterday's Browsers, Today’s Customers

The NaviStone suite of products uses powerful digital intent signals and our proprietary modeling, to trigger high response direct mail to your website visitors at all stages of the customer acquisition funnel. Create tailored messaging using your first-party data and drive customer acquisition while respecting consumer privacy.

Look-a-Like Audiences

Enhance your customer acquisition strategy with Look-a-Like audiences. Scale with a new audience of potential customers.

women shopping white shirt

Reimagine digital retargeting. Remarket to your known and unknown site visitors at the precise moment they intend to transact.



Boost the performance of your customers by enhancing the known data residing on your CRM file with current intent data.


Proven Track Record

NaviStone has a proven track record in customer acquisition, retention and reactivation and provides dedicated expertise and a strategic approach to improve the productivity of your marketing campaigns.

Gathr Outdoors converts website visitors into paying customers, sees 2.5% Response Rate

While keeping the cost to acquire below $40.

Positive ROI 

I have used NaviStone products for several of my clients for the past three years. Every one has shown a positive ROI and has continued the relationship. The product works!

Matt Morton

Great Product, Great Team

We use NaviStone for our direct mail retargeting, and not only is the team awesome, but we always see great ROAS with our campaigns.

Santana Lopez

A Real Standout!

I have seen excellent results using this service in my consulting with clients.  Prospecting, housefile reactivation and postcard programs have all been effective with postcards a real standout performer!

Bill Nicolai, Industry Consultant