Match 70% of your unknown website visitors to postal name and address and retarget via direct mail within 24 hours of the visit.


Not All Who Bounce Are Lost

You've invested in programs to drive conversions to your website. But more than 95% leave without transacting. Remarket to both your known and unknown website visitors at the precise moment they demonstrate intent to transact.
Holiday Packages

eCommerce Retailer Generates 8.5x ROAS

Boost results during "off season". No sale or special offer required!

It's All in the Modeling

NaviStone models browsing behavior to identify likely customers. This use of machine learning focuses on intent and is more predictive than traditional methods that rely solely on past purchase behavior, that becomes less indicative over time as it ages.

Outdoor Apparel Brand Generates 7x ROAS

Personalize direct mail postcards with the specific product being browsed and secure more co-op dollars from your partners.
outdoor apparel case study

It's not just about retargeting.

It's about reconnecting with consumers.


Mind Blowing

Then we introduced postal retargeting through NaviStone, and can I say, the results were mind blowing. If you aren't doing these then you are missing the boat.

Senior Managing Director eCommerce and Brand Marketing, Free People

It Works

Absolutely try this…it works!

Jeanne Chatfield, Director of Direct Mail Strategy, Healthy Directions

Highly Recommend

I love working with the NaviStone team - they are always so helpful and friendly and one of the best solutions out there for direct mail remarketing! They make sure everything runs smoothly from set-up to post-campaign analysis.

Karen Tanico, PlusMedia