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Leverage digital intent data to convert your known and unknown website browsers to customers via personalized direct mail.


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Your website gets thousands of visits every day from consumers looking for products and services they want and need. When you’re tuned in to those signals of intent, you gain a distinct advantage. NaviStone can help your business harness those signals and send the right marketing message at the right time to increase performance without compromising consumer privacy.

The NaviStone team is ready to:

  • Help you match website browsers to Postal names and addresses
  • Transform those website visitors who are primed to purchase into responsive customers
  • Deliver the right marketing message with each piece of direct mail sent

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Our solution has proven impactful for hundreds of marketers in various industries, including retail, travel, automotive and financial services.
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We've More Than Doubled Our Success

"We are loving this program. We were running a program like this for years with another partner and we saw success, but we’ve more than doubled our success now that we moved to NaviStone and really have a more strategic partner and uber targeting. If it’s something that would work for your business, I highly encourage you to look into because it’s really benefited us, especially right now where a direct mail piece really stands out in the mailbox.

Lisa Erickson, Senior director of customer relationship management and loyalty at Sleep Number