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Why NaviStone®

Why Choose NaviStone®

At NaviStone®, we are dedicated to helping a wide array of consumer-facing clients grow their customer bases. How? By combining truly unique prospecting and reactivation strategies that complement your existing direct mail and digital marketing practices. We strive to forge strong partnerships with each client and provide solutions to fit your specific needs.

Leverage the Power of Intent

Consumers leave clues about their needs and desires on your company's website. NaviStone® leverages that data to build unique lists for your various direct mail programs while protecting the privacy and anonymity of the consumer.

Find New Unique Prospects

NaviStone® finds previously unidentifiable prospects from your website visitor browsing data. These prospects are unique to you, built with data nobody else has access to, and your consumers’ data is never shared.

Reactivate Lapsed Customers

The NaviStone® technology helps you reactivate lapsed customers who might not be buying but are actively browsing your website.

Work with an Experienced Team

The team at NaviStone® is comprised of experienced professionals. We know both direct mail and E-commerce, and we know how to help you build your business.


NaviStone® Core Values

Our mission at NaviStone® is to build direct marketing audiences for our clients that are both productive and unique.

  • We judge ourselves on our clients' results.
  • We find that the closer our clients work with us, the more successful they are.
  • When solutions don’t exist, we invent them.

Proudly Serving

NaviStone® is proud to work with marketing professionals at a wide variety of consumer facing companies.

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