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Why NaviStone

Yesterday's Browsers, Today's Customers

At NaviStone, we are dedicated to helping you convert web browsers into known, direct mail customers. We do this by using online intent data, modeling that data through our proprietary algorithms and distributing individualized direct mail within 48 hours of the consumer’s visit to your website.

Data Interpretation
Data Interpretation

Not all browsers are the same. Our team knows both direct mail and digital marketing, and understands that the economics of direct mail are different from other platforms. While the notion of serving display ads to all site visitors or emailing everyone you have an email address for is economically viable, when executing direct mail, you have to be smarter. Consumers are telling you what they want. By analyzing the clues that your website visitors leave behind, we find the consumers with the highest likelihood of responding. Leverage your data to improve your marketing.  No data contribution or data sharing is required.

Identity Matching
Identity Matching

Not all matches are the same. NaviStone technology helps you reach the person you are targeting versus someone who might be the person you are targeting. NaviStone matches based on cookies versus other methods such as Email or IP Address. Not only are cookies more consumer-friendly offering more privacy controls on how they’re being tracked, they can only be tied to one browser on one device allowing for the most accurate 1:1 match. And, our match rates range between 60% and 70%.

Flexible Partnership
Our Printer or Yours

At NaviStone, we pride ourselves on providing a flexible partnership. We will model site visitors and match those with the highest likelihood of responding to direct mail to a postal name and address within 24 hours of that site visit. We can deliver an individualized direct mail piece 24 hours later via first class mail or you can leverage existing print relationships. Our partnership with you is about providing you with the solutions that fit your needs, whether that be full-service turnkey program or a daily Hotline audience delivered to your printer of choice

Privacy Compliant
Privacy Compliant

Consumer privacy is at the forefront of everything we do. In fact, there is nothing more important to NaviStone than maintaining that privacy. Through NaviStone’s double-blind, patent-pending technology and safeguarding processes, consumer data is kept safe and anonymous to both advertisers and NaviStone. Unlike other providers, with NaviStone, anonymous browsing data resides in an entirely separate physical location than Personally Identifiable Information (PII). And, at no point can any partner in the supply chain directly or indirectly associate online and offline data.


NaviStone® Commitment to Clients

    • We judge ourselves on our clients' results.  When our clients succeed, then we succeed. 
  • We provide strategic recommendations pre-campaign, mid-flight and post-campaign to maximize the likelihood of success.
  • We are not afraid to do the work to make everything easy for our customers.
  • We will always treat consumer data with the highest level of integrity and maintain consumer privacy at all times.


Proudly Serving

NaviStone® is proud to work with marketing professionals at a wide variety of consumer-facing companies.

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Home Services
Financial Services
Travel & Hospitality

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