Look-a-Like Audiences

Reach new customers who are likely to be interested in your products.


Find More of Your Ideal Customers

Find new customers by reaching individuals that look like your most engaged browsers and are signaling that they are in market for your products or services.

Home Furniture Retailer sees 5:1 ROAS using Look-a-Like Audiences

Meets end-of-year goal with prospecting and direct mail retargeting.

Advanced Technology

NaviStone uses advanced technology to model browsing behavior and identify potential customers. The approach focuses on intent and is more predictive that traditional methods that rely solely on purchase behavior - that becomes less predictive as it ages.

Luxury Travel Business Drives 150% Lift in Revenue with NaviStone Prospecting

They were able to effectively measure the audience to determine who came back to the site as a lead and those who completed the process and booked with them.

Make Mail Meaningful

Increase NTF by 15%

"The NaviStone Look-a-Like results are outperforming our prospecting forecast! This audience increases NTF by 15% beyond what we achieve from other marketing methods. The fact that we are able to do this with the initial transaction with a new customer coming at a substantial profit is impressive! Our thanks go out to you and everyone at NaviStone involved in this impressive results."

Bill Nicolai