Champion Windows is Driving New Customers to Dial in at Their Call Center with Direct Mail Retargeting


Champion drives their appointments through omnichannel markets, robust TV schedules, online, social media, and direct mail. The central office controls its extensive marketing decisions and planning. They are able to set customer’s free in-home estimates through their call center or customers can book themselves online. Marketers know that finding new advertising channels with a high performance is difficult to come by. Champion's goal was to find the most effective marketing strategy, giving them an advantage over their competition. They were constantly looking for changes in consumer behavior, turning to trend analysis.


NaviStone was selected as an additional vendor to help build out Champion’s multi-channel marketing strategy. Champion knew early on that combining digital signals with a direct mail piece would prove invaluable in their marketing stack while also being low-risk due to retargeting only to those uber engaged on the market-specific Champion websites. Direct mail is tangible and has been a proven solution for Champion for decades. To take the triggered direct mail one step further, Champion leverages localized phone numbers for each of their markets to track inbound call performance.

If a site browser lives in Denver Colorado and is browsing the Denver market website, a postcard is mailed with a local 303 phone number. The same for a Cincinnati market. A browser in this market would be sent a card with a 513-phone number. This allows a consumer to feel like they are calling their local Champion store, not the corporate HQ. This channel works so well, that Champion finds they continue to receive calls from direct mail sent three years prior, proving direct mail combined with digital signals has staying power and it works!

Not only does digitally triggered direct mail drive strong performance for Champion, but it outperformed other marketing efforts in terms of cost per appointment.


Direct Mail Retargeting was 66% lower vs the average CPA (cost per appointment)


Social retargeting was 50% lower vs the average CPA


Digital retargeting was 300-400% higher than the average CPA