Popular Outdoor Apparel Brand Generates 7x ROAS By Reaching Browsers via Direct Mail


After 10 years of consistent growth in sales and new customers, this high-end outdoor retailer was acquired. With the acquisition came a mandate for even greater growth. Having successfully utilized a variety of demand generation programs, a new source of targeted consumers was needed.

This brand had already been investing heavily in driving site traffic. They needed a way to maximize that investment and identify website visitors who were highly engaged but left without making a purchase. 


The NaviStone Postcard Program was used to drive site visitors back to the site or store through highly individualized and timely customer outreach.

This early adapter, always willing to test new audiences, categories and products saw a minimum of a 7x ROAS when using the NaviStone Postcard Program.

NaviStone was also able to partner with brands sold on this retailer's website to secure more spend for the client while featuring the brand on the postcard. 




Response Rate


Revenue Per Postcard Sent