Infographic — How to Build Individualized Marketing Based on Consumer Intent

How to Build Individualized Marketing Based on Consumer Intent

 When building your individualized marketing efforts, it is important to focus on consumer intent. Think of it like building a house - any piece alone leaves you with an incomplete structure. But bringing all of these components together creates your finished and inviting house - a successful individualized marketing effort based on consumer intent. 

How to Build Individualized Marketing Based on Consumer Intent


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In today’s era of data and technology, marketers must engage in individualized marketing. But individualization is more than addressing an email or direct mail piece with a first name or job title.

To truly market to individuals, you have to understand what motivates them, and you find that by paying attention to consumer intent data.

The Foundation: Consumer Intent

By understanding what motivates a person to act, marketers can build a strong individualized marketing strategy.

Service and reliability are just as important as a lower cost, and it’s the overall customer experience that’s the driving force behind repeat business and referrals to others. Know what motivates your audience.

The Frame: Customer Experience Data

Companies that have the right data to gain a complete view of their customers — and what those customers want and when they want it — will enhance the customer experience and provide top-notch individualization that consumers deserve and expect.

The Wiring: Consumer Trust

People like to feel included, appreciated and understood, and by individualizing marketing and the customer experience, marketers are showing consumers that they are included, appreciated and understood.

The Finishing Touches: Individualized Marketing

Individualization can take place at any point in the customer journey and in any medium. Provide value and an immersive customer experience, whether you’re sending direct mail postcards, email recommendations or targeted display ads.