Infographic — Consumer Intent: The Heart of the Customer Journey

Infographic — Consumer Intent: The Heart of the Customer Journey

To truly understand the customer journey, you must first understand consumer intent. By learning what motivates your customers on every step of the customer journey, you are able to anticipate and deliver answers to their questions and concerns while further guiding them through their path to purchase.

Consumer Intent: The Heart of the Customer Journey

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Today’s consumer has many different ways of gathering the information they need to make an informed decision before making a purchase. As a result, the customer journey has become a buzzworthy topic. While it’s important to understand how people move through this path, it’s not enough to simply know “how,” “when” and “where” customers are engaging. It’s even more important to understand why consumers behave the way they do

Why is this individual motivated to act in this moment?

Individualization Starts in the Moment

Life is full of small moments that influence us in big ways. Be ready to help the consumer at every moment on their journey. Anticipate the answer consumers need before they ask.

Data, Flexibility, and Technology

Intent-driven marketing relies heavily on data, flexibility, and the use of technology to communicate quickly.

Intent Has No Boundaries, Your Marketing Shouldn’t Either

Stop thinking of your marketing in channels and see how the individual engages with your company across all channels and devices.

Are You Missing Intent Data?

Companies miss as many as 70% of potential customers on mobile devices because they’re unable to identify consumer intent from data.

See the Person, Not the Only the Consumer

It’s only when you understand why people make the choices they make that you can create a unique experience solely for them.

Anticipate Consumer Needs

Anticipate an individual’s needs and wants so you will be ready when they are.\