Event Recap Q2 2023

Event Recap 2023 (1)

Reflecting on a Remarkable Q2 2023: Top Events and Conferences that Inspired and Connected Marketers across Industries!

We hope you had a fantastic holiday! As we bid farewell to the second quarter of 2023, we wanted to take a moment to share some highlights from the exciting events and conferences that we had the pleasure of attending. These gatherings spanned a wide range of industries, from retail to travel to digital marketing agencies, and offered a wealth of invaluable insights and networking opportunities.

In today's fast-paced and ever-evolving business landscape, staying updated with the latest trends, strategies, and innovations is essential for marketers to stay ahead of the curve. Events and conferences provide the perfect platform to gain fresh perspectives, learn from thought leaders, and connect with like-minded professionals who share a passion for smart marketing. During Q2 2023, we had the privilege of participating in several noteworthy events that left us inspired and connected. These events brought together industry experts, innovators, and practitioners from various sectors, ensuring a diverse and enriching experience for all attendees.

Stay tuned as we dive into the thought-provoking sessions, impactful conversations, and exciting developments that unfolded during these events. From retail to travel to digital marketing agencies, there is something for everyone to discover and apply to their own marketing strategies.

Digital Travel Connect

April 19-21, 2023

Digital Travel Connect 23 was an exhilarating event that brought together leading professionals and innovators in the travel industry. Over the course of the conference, attendees were immersed in captivating discussions, insightful presentations, and interactive sessions that explored the latest trends and advancements shaping the future of travel. Emerging trends in travel: Nurturing consumers at every stage of the booking journey. 

 eTail East Connect

May 6-8, 2023

Some of eTail East themes were nurturing unknown, abandoned browsers amidst cookie depreciation and walled garden security changes. In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, nurturing unknown and abandoned browsers poses unique challenges for travel marketers, particularly with the increasing depreciation of cookies and the security changes implemented by walled garden platforms. However, despite these obstacles, there are strategies and approaches that can help marketers effectively engage and convert these elusive prospects.


2023 GRMA Growth and Innovation Forum

May 3-5, 2023

The Growth and Innovation Forum, the premier community event hosted by the Global Retail Marketing Association, brought together senior-level leaders from various industries including retail, restaurant, hospitality, travel, entertainment, financial, and insurance services. This two-and-a-half-day event featured thought-provoking discussions, insightful presentations, and valuable networking opportunities. Attendees had the opportunity to gain valuable perspectives from industry experts as well as professionals sharing their real-world experiences, both within and outside the retail sector. The program covered a wide range of macro-topics impacting the current and future business environment, ensuring a comprehensive and enriching experience for all participants.


May 31-June 2, 2023

We joined the world’s largest conference dedicated to DTC subscriptions. Learnings on optimize your business model with the help and guidance of subscription industry experts. Developing long-lasting business relationships with hundreds of like-minded individuals who want to see you succeed, while understanding the evolution of the subscription industry to prepare your business for what’s ahead.

Sellers Summit


May 23-25, 2023


The Sellers Summit 2023 featured engaging sessions centered around key themes including selling on Amazon, creating and managing branded ecommerce websites, and leveraging email marketing for customer retention. Attendees had the opportunity to gain valuable insights and practical strategies related to these topics, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to excel in the rapidly evolving world of online selling.




June 13-15, 2023


The event delved into important topics such as sustainability and the measurement of impact for Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs), as well as discussions surrounding analytics and data.


As we close the second quarter of 2023, we want to express our gratitude for the wonderful events and conferences we had the privilege to attend. From retail to travel to digital marketing agencies, these diverse gatherings provided us with a treasure trove of insights and opportunities to connect with industry leaders and peers. We are excited to leverage these experiences to continue delivering exceptional value to our clients and partners. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments as we forge ahead into the future!




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