NaviStone December News Roundup

News Roundup

I wake up each day and look at my to-do list. What fascinates me is that the items all have a common theme, yet are so different from each other. One minute, I’m researching, learning or looking for information on retargeting stats, the next minute, I’m learning about data and how best to use it. I tend to find more articles of interest than I care to admit. I tag them and get back to them as soon as I can. For those of you in the same boat, I’ve read some great articles recently and in case you’ve missed them here are the top 4 from this quarter.

1. Click Deception: Why Marketers Finally Need To Address The Growing Ad Fraud Issue

We have come a long way in overcoming click fraud, but there is more to do. In the meantime, direct mail retargeting allows for a personalized ad hitting home within a couple days of the browsing session. Let's not forget that 98% of households check their mail daily. With direct mail, you know your message is being seen. Companies spending their dollars on digital ads should take more control and demand ethical practices and higher-quality traffic. In this article written by Tony Raval, CEO and Co-Founder of IDMERIT, he breaks down the history and facts of Ad Fraud and how marketers can take control of it.

2. How personalization will look in 2020: What do marketers need to do now?

Personalization, personalization and more personalization. Data is easily available; the key is how to use it in a way that consumers will perceive value in exchange. According to research conducted by Boostify, 90% of consumers report feeling positively toward firms who treat them like an individual, but only 20% feel there aren't any brands that understand and care about them. This is clearly a suggestion that marketers have a lot of work to do! Check out more in this Marketing Technology article written by  Jonathan Thirkill.

3. Complement Your Marketing Programs

Sit back and think about how many screens you use every single day. Now think about how many advertisements or brand messages you see on the screens. I’m calling out our very own Chief Revenue Officer for her insights on a recent NaviStone blog about this subject. There is a big opportunity for marketers to combine complementary advertising channels to drive response.   Savvy marketing plans will help you leverage the channels to meet the KPIs, whether you are driving top of funnel or lower in the funnel for conversion. Read more about how to boost your marketing programs in this blog by Lori Paikin, CRO, NaviStone.

4. 5 Reasons You Should Attend A Summit Targeted Toward Your Industry

While I love staying up-to-date in my reading of industry articles, I do want to close with an article by Advantix Digital, which outlines the 5 reasons why you should make time and attend a conference(s) every year. It is easy to forget the value of being face-to-face with our peers, customers, and leaders in the industry to learn about products and services that are constantly being created, disrupting or evolving. Too often we say, “I’m too busy to attend this industry event” or “all conferences are the same” or “my time is better spent in the office”. Taking time out of your day to network and meet with like-minded individuals is how you stay ahead of the curve while building relationships to last a lifetime. At least for me, it is energizing and inspiring. My longest relationships, ideas  and industry knowledge has come from attending industry conferences. This blog serves as a great reminder as to the value that industry conferences serves. See you on the road in 2020!

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