Direct Mail: It's Here to Stay

Direct Mail Here to Stay

While most retailers did spend more in the critical holiday season on advertising, it doesn’t mean they reached the consumer. Take a minute and tune into this month's Marketing in a Minute video about how incorporating direct mail into your marketing mix drives viewability and action.


Video Transcript:

With consumers staying home, not visiting retail stores, shopping online and relying heavily on Amazon, it remains challenging for advertisers to get their message in front of consumers at the exact moment they’re showing intent.

While most retailers did spend more in the critical holiday season on advertising, it doesn’t mean they reached the consumer.

The viewability rate for display ads is 65% - meaning 35% weren't even viewed.

Email marketing? Nearly 20% of marketing emails never even make it to the consumer's inbox. And those that do are unlikely to be read. In 2020 only 19% of emails were opened.

When those ads do reach the consumer and are viewed, are consumers taking action? Are they clicking? Are they transacting? Not necessarily.

Direct mail on the other hand has a deliverability rate of nearly 100%. 98% of Americans check their mail everyday and 90% of direct mail is opened.

With enhancements like personalization, informed delivery and augmented reality, direct mail remains the channel most likely to drive viewability and most importantly, action. 

So, let me ask you…do you think direct mail is dead?

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