Customer Experience: Cause Marketing


Now more than ever, connecting with your customers is key. Make a connection through a cause. Then...everyone benefits! Take a minute to learn about how important Cause Marketing is to customer experience.

Video Transcript:

If CX is defined as the overall perception customers have of your brand, then it’s important they know what your brand stands for. More than just a great product, delivering great value and service, what does your organization believe in?

Think about companies like Coca-Cola, Patagonia, Yoplait and Dove. 

We know that as Millennials and Gen Z gain more purchasing power, cause marketing is becoming more important.

These younger consumers want to do business with brands that support causes they can get behind.

Just as we think about CX as a long term, ongoing strategy, so is cause marketing - not to be confused with a single marketing campaign. It is a way to engage consumers and improve their experience with your brand, and yes, your cause.

Be careful not to play it safe. Authenticity is key– it’s more important than backing a cause you think others care about. Consumers will see right through this.

Sure, you might lose some customers who don’t believe in the same cause, but for those who do, their loyalty to your brand will offset the others. It’s the value you get from a consumer who really likes you versus one who has no reason to dislike you.

So, what do you stand for? And, let your customers know!        

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