Marketing in a Minute — Intent & Motivation: The Key to Connections

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Understanding consumer intent and motivation is critical to connecting with your customers. These two assets will push your brand further with brand loyal advocates. Tune into this Marketing in a Minute to learn about why the data behind intent and motivation shouldn't be missed in your marketing today.

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(Marketing in a Minute Transcription)

Consumer connections are at the core of customer loyalty. Understanding intent and motivation are at the core of consumer connections. 

It’s about understanding the mindset of someone simply gathering information for a future purchase or for a need-to-know moment. And, it’s not just about whether someone is ready to buy or not; it’s about the motivation behind the purchase. 

There is a difference between the newly married couple buying housewares for their new home and the couple recently divorced buying the same products. There is a difference between the man buying a suit for work and the man buying a suit for his son’s wedding.

Data is at the core of intent. 

Consumers are sharing more and more data every day. They are telling us what they want, when they want it and why they want it and they are doing it with the belief that it will be used to provide relevant experiences. 

A business that is able to analyze intent and act immediately will not only attract most of those consumers, but they’ll be able to convert those individuals into long-term, loyal brand advocates.