Top Five Blog Posts of All Time

Top Five

Since 2017, we have been providing tips and tricks to marketers who subscribe to our blog. Over the years, we have seen videos, infographics and podcasts rise to the top in views and replays. Browse some of our most popular content of all time. From the Millennial love story of direct mail to intent data for better personalization, check out our list below.

Love Story

5. Millennials and Direct Mail: A Surprising Love Story

The Millennial mystique is a constant to advertisers. Who are they? How do they feel about Direct Mail? While half of Millennials say they ignore digital ads, only 15% say they ignore direct mail. See more in our Infographic.

DM isnt Dead

4. Blog - Direct Mail Isn't Dead: Where it Stands Today

We’ve all heard it many, many times — direct mail is dead. But is that really true? Yes, digital marketing has taken hold, and it isn’t going anywhere. However, that does not make direct mail any less valuable. In fact, the current advertising climate might make direct mail more valuable than ever, because marketers are coming to realize that every marketing effort works to support the others, and each accomplishes something unique that the others cannot.

Clues to Intent

3. Video - Marketing in a Minute: Clues to Intent

As a marketer we can help drive conversions by identifying patterns of behavior that infer intent. This is digital body language. How do you maximize digital body language? Take a minute to learn more in this Marketing in a Minute

Triggered Direct Mail

2. Podcast - What Is Triggered Direct Mail?

Everyone is talking about it, but what is it? Is triggered direct mail a new trend? What is the buzz all about? Triggered direct mail is driving unprecedented results in marketing campaigns. When done right, it can enable marketers to make a truly meaningful connection with their prospects and existing customers, giving them the nudge they need to make a purchase.

stay home

1. Infographic - Direct Mail Still Delivers

It's the most responsive marketing channel. It reaches people at home and makes them feel good. Direct Mail still delivers. Learn how direct mail is driving results and how to apply it to your everyday marketing strategies through direct mail retargeting.

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