Converting Non-Buyers into Customers (Using Info You Don’t Even Have!)

Converting Non-Buyers into Customers

So now that you’ve increased your email list by 300%, what about converting non-buying subscribers to customers? As direct marketers, one thing we know is that the wider we cast our net for leads, the less responsive those leads tend to be. Future bulk email marketing campaigns will convert some of them at a pretty low cost (good!). But in the scheme of things, this tends to be a high frequency, low response game.

Here are a few conversion ideas to test. They all have in common using browsing behavior to increase response through better targeting. You can prioritize them based on your existing marketing mix.

Mail them a catalog. But how?! In his post, Matt suggested keeping the email signup process as frictionless as possible, and that would probably include forgoing asking for a postal address. Well, you can do a reverse append to gain land addresses. By only paying for land addresses from people whose browsing behavior on your site suggests they’re ready to buy from you, you can significantly increase conversion rates.

Use your site browsing data, not just email engagement data, in your email segmentation strategy. For example, there are probably subscribers on your email list that are visiting your site without clicking through your bulk email campaigns. If you’re using an “email clicker/opener” segmentation strategy to manage contacts or content, you could be sending them the wrong message or, even worse, missing an opportunity for a very timely contact entirely.

Custom Audiences. If you have a Facebook strategy that’s generating sales in addition to building brand equity through content (first off, good on ya!) then browsing data can help you really tailor your Custom Audience strategy. Create different ads for people who are about to love you for your products vs. those who, for now, still just love you for your clever content. Oh, and if your audience doesn’t love you for your content already, check in with this guy.

Lots of different ways to use the browsing data you’re collecting on your website visitors at the individual level (which you’re all doing, right? RIGHT?!) These are just a few to test in your program today, and more are emerging all the time.

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