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Have a burning question about Direct Mail that you've been longing to have answered? Ask Zippy! Zippy the Snail has been in the field of marketing since its inception. His wisdom is unmatched to those other "couriers" out there, and he's about as direct as it gets! Submit your questions to

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Dear Zippy the Snail, 

I’ve heard a lot of great things about enhancing my marketing efforts by retargeting through direct mail. But, I am operating within a very tight budget. How can I take advantage of the latest and greatest in new marketing technologies while working within a budget? 


Cost Conscious in Connecticut

Dear Cost Conscious in Connecticut,

You sure got the first part right…Retargeting via direct mail is the latest and greatest in new marketing technologies.  

Be careful about making marketing decisions based solely on cost. Humor me for a moment…you wouldn’t continue with a program that drives no response, just because it is free, right? That’s the way you have to think about all marketing programs. It’s more about the money you make every time you spend $1 on marketing (ROAS) than it is about the cost. Retargeting via Direct Mail, or Web- powered Direct Mail, is more cost-effective than you might think and easily fits in with any marketing program.

First consider average response rates: 

  • The average conversion rate for display ads is .77%

  • The average conversion rate for Google PPC is 3.75%

  • And the average conversion rate for Retargeting Postcards is 5%+.

Next consider the average costs:

  • The average cost for display ads is $.58 / ad and it takes 5 impressions to get noticed: $2.90

  • The cost for Google ads is $2.69 per click.

  • And the average cost for Retargeting Postcards is $0.66 / postcard.

Wouldn’t you spend $1 to get $7-$10 in return?

Best wishes,

Zippy the Snail

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