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Zippy Covid

Have a burning question about Direct Mail that you've been longing to have answered? Ask Zippy! Zippy the Snail has been in the field of marketing since its inception. His wisdom is unmatched to those other "couriers" out there, and he's about as direct as it gets! Submit your questions to

NaviStone Infographic Logo-1Dear Zippy,

When should I relaunch my Direct Mail campaigns? We’ve had all Direct Mail on hold since April due to COVID. When is the right time launch?

Thanks for the help, Zippy!

Yours Truly, 

Taking a Time Out in Tulsa

Dear Time Out,

I can answer this question in one word – NOW!

Take your marketing hat off for a second and put your consumer hat on. What is going on in your mailbox at home? If you are like me, or the families I deliver to, I suspect the answer is…not much.

On average, households are receiving < 5 pieces of direct mail per day. Now compare that to the amount of email or digital impressions you are receiving. No comparison. The average consumer is receiving >100 emails daily. And display ads...who can even count? Not me. Because there are so many, I don’t even notice them least not what’s being advertised.  

If you want to reach your customer through the least cluttered and most receptive channel NOW is the time for direct mail.

Direct Mail has the reputation of being expensive (I vehemently disagree) and as a result, some advertisers don’t think of using direct mail until a strong season. Holiday has been, and remains, the strongest season for consumer purchasing, followed by Back to School.

But, we are in an interesting time with COVID. The Back to School season which we are currently in, is lasting longer than past years as parents wait to learn what going back to school will look like for their children. And, the holiday season is going to start earlier than past years, as brands are dealing with inventory issues and consumers will order earlier to ensure delivery in time.

NOW is the time to not only take advantage of uncluttered mailboxes, but also to take advantage of overlapping, strong consumer buying seasons.

When is the right time to relaunch direct mail? NOW!


Zippy the Snail

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