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Have a burning question about Direct Mail that you've been longing to have answered? Ask Zippy! Zippy the Snail has been in the field of marketing since its inception. His wisdom is unmatched to those other "couriers" out there, and he's about as direct as it gets! Submit your questions to

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Dear Zippy the Snail, 

I’ve worked in marketing for the past five years. I’ve recently been promoted to my dream job. My primary responsibility is to drive consumers to our website. What is the best way to drive site traffic? I really want to impress my new boss with creative, innovative programs.


Driving Traffic in Tulsa

Dear Driving Traffic in Tulsa,

This is a good question. Not one I typically get asked, so let me turn this one on its head. Is driving site traffic the ultimate objective, or is it really something else?

Getting consumers to visit your website does not necessarily translate to increased demand. Getting these consumers to take action once they visit your site should be the ultimate objective. Think about the marketing programs that will drive consumers to the top of funnel AND think about the marketing programs that will drive consumers to spend money with your brand.

Consider both online and offline advertising as ways to feed the top of the funnel with leads. Consider options across social media, paid search, display advertising and email, as well as options across direct mail. 

And, don’t forget to continue to market to these site visitors. With less than 1% of site visitors actually engaging with your brand in a meaningful way during that initial visit, it is even more important to make sure they come back.

Retargeting via Direct Mail is a must have solution for maximizing the likelihood that these site visitors will come back and actually convert. Returning visitors that have been targeted by a web-powered Direct Mail Program are converting at a rate of 6% on average! You want to impress your new boss? Web Powered Direct Mail is the way to do it! Good luck!

Best wishes,

Zippy the Snail

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