CX: The Next Level in Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

From the first touchpoint all the way to the perks of your customer loyalty program, Customer Experience (CX) is critical to your overall business. But, how do you ensure you are delivering a five-star experience throughout the customer journey? Take a few minutes to learn how.

CX: The Next Level in Customer Satisfaction

In business, one way that we measure how we’re doing is to measure Customer Satisfaction. “Customer Satisfaction is a measurement that determines how happy customers are with a company's products, services, and capabilities,” and can be used to help with product improvements and enhancements. A high level of customer satisfaction creates multiple benefits, among the most important is customer loyalty, especially in this ultra-competitive environment. If you lose a customer, you have to find a new one to replace them and we all know it is easier and cheaper to retain customers than acquire new ones. It is so important to note that 80% of companies think they deliver a superior customer experience while only 8% of consumers believe they are receiving one (Bain & Co.)

How do you ensure a high level of customer satisfaction? Enter CX. Customer Experience (CX) includes the interactions between a customer and a company throughout their relationship; starting even before that consumer becomes a customer and continuing after that consumer makes the purchase and becomes a customer. It is the perception the customer has of your brand, and it’s the difference between just acquiring a customer and retaining that customer. CX starts with the marketing of your product (or service) and accurately setting expectations for your product, followed by the value the consumer derives from that product, and finally the support they get if/when they need it.  CX Satisfaction image 1Understanding who your customer is and creating that emotional connection is at the root of good CX. Finding ways to engage with your customers in between purchases is one way to strengthen that emotional connection to your brand, improve that customer experience, and help retain the customers you already have while sustainably growing your business. 

While continual engagement with customers is important, that engagement must be relevant and timely. Here are a few things you can do to ensure that flow of meaningful engagement.

  1. Maintain a single view of the customer so you can see when and how they are engaging with you across all channels.
  2. Personalize content based on historical transactional data and current intent data. Consumers can be defined differently at different times depending upon what they are in market for.
  3. Create Omni Channel content plans across channels, platforms and devices taking into account what channels each individual uses for what kind of information

CX Satisfaction image 2With so much data available to marketers, technology is required to make it useful. But, now, content is playing a bigger role. Consumers are shifting from consuming individual pieces of content at random points in the journey to dynamic content streams throughout the journey.

We can no longer simply re-purpose the same content across all channels but we still need to leverage the customers channel(s) of choice. (Direct Mail, Email, Social, etc)

At the end of the day, our goal is to, of course, drive new customers. Today we have the ability through data, technology and content to not just drive new customers but to turn that new customer into a loyal customer. This is the Customer Experience.

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