New Report: Hitting the (re)Target Directly

hitting the reTarget

Interested in understanding how other marketers are using individualized direct mail retargeting in their marketing mix? Check out NaviStone's latest research report, produced in conjunction with Total Retail, on the role individualized direct mail is playing in marketing playbooks across industries. 

Hitting the (re)Target Directly 

Analyzing the Role Direct Mail Can Play in an Effective Digital Retargeting Strategy

Retargeting consumers with timely, relevant, personalized messaging fueled by intent and historical data across all channels, including direct mail, is effective. Yet despite the pervasiveness of direct mail as a marketing channel, not enough brands are getting it done right. Effective direct mail retargeting requires extending beyond just demographic data to include intent data — true customer insight, not just surface-level identifiers such as gender or age.

The benefits of getting direct mail retargeting right make it worth the effort and investment. Brands are creating the foundation for trusting, long-term customer relationships, the types that yield higher conversion rates, increased customer lifetime value, and improved marketing ROI.

With that in mind, personalized direct mail retargeting needs to be a part of marketers’ future plans and budgets. Despite perceptions in the market, the channel is still very effective, and new technology capabilities can improve ROI performance even further. The wave of the future includes an old-school channel (direct mail) with a digital twist.

Check out this report to learn:

  • the role individualized direct mail retargeting can play in a retailer’s marketing mix;
  • how to effectively retarget consumers with intent data;
  • the benefits of an effective individualized direct mail retargeting strategy;
  • how a leading footwear and accessories brand was able to boost conversions, AOV, and ROAS with a postcard retargeting program; and
  • much more.

Source: Total Retail

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Maybe audio is your thing? Check out the podcast which summarizes the report.