Marketing in a Minute — Individualizing for Retention

Marketing in a Minute — Individualizing for Retention

Understanding your website intent data is the basis for implementing an individualized customer retention strategy that will drive peak season performance.

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(Marketing in a Minute Transcription)

Individualized marketing is the best way to retain your customers, but it’s a tough proposition when you don’t have the data to truly appeal to people on an individual level.

You can start to individualize by segmenting your audience based on consumer behavior or lifestyle stages, this will help you understand what is motivating them to buy in this moment.

When a consumer visits your website, they're telling you what's motivating them. Are they interested in buying an item for themselves, or are they shopping for a gift for someone else? Are they ready to buy, or are they merely gathering information? When you understand consumer motivation, you’ll know how to provide each consumer with the individualized marketing they need to continue down the path to purchase.

Individualized marketing to boost customer retention can be a major challenge, but if you plan ahead and let your data paint the picture, you’ll be able to wow your customers, not only in your peak season, but all year long.