In Marketing, Loyalty is the New Black

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As we wrap up another busy event season, we wanted to give a quick rundown of the themes we are seeing, voices we are hearing and trends to pay attention to in the Marketing and e-Commerce world.eTail Banner-1

In April, NaviStone jetted over to Miami to participate in the eTail East Connect 2019 event. This three-day event was focused on sharing, benchmarking and mentoring among some of the industry’s brightest marketers from companies including Tailored Brands, The Dollar Shave Club and Kenneth Cole Productions. Some of the key topics on the agenda which stuck with the NaviStone team include the following.

  • This event was packed with the always engaging topic of AI. During these AI focused sessions, we learned about how new technologies are enabling the connection between online customers and live guidance from in-store wardrobe consultants with shoppable content such as imagery, chat and live videos. This technology is allowing for a highly-personalized experience providing white-glove service from the initial online discovery all the way to in-store traffic and purchases.
  • It’s been said, that the one constant in life is change. However, in the world of marketing, it can be argued that the one constant is…mobile. The topic of mobile was a consistent thread throughout sessions at this event. Whether it applies to mobile website loading time, combating app fatigue, or the importance in understanding mobile data, one thing is clear. Mobile is still a major force in marketing and a topic worth paying attention to.
  • Upon wrapping up this event, one session that really stood out to us was on the topic of “Maneuvering GDPR and the California Privacy Act”. This was a lively conversation around the lessons marketers have learned one-year into GDPR and how retailers are preparing for the California Consumer Privacy Act which is taking effect January 2020. Surprisingly, most retailers were just starting to prepare or had not begun their preparation. 


In their best summit ever, the CohereOne 2019 Catalog and Integrated Marketing Summit did not disappoint. Nearly 300 direct marketers gathered in Philadelphia this past April for three days packed with content and discussions focused on integration, cohesiveness and disruption.

Disruptors from companies like Google, Design Within Reach, Free People and yours truly were some of the highlights of the event along with some key takeaways recapped by the CohereOne team below.

  1. Personalization Power. From triggered postcards to integrated email campaigns, personalization is fueling channel optimization and improving customer experiences.
  2. Data Impact. Data must be the cornerstone of every retailer’s marketing efforts. Data must drive your organization’s strategic development, which will result in more successful marketing initiatives and campaigns.
  3. Customer Focus. Consumers now realize that their information has value, and are more willing to provide it when, in exchange, there’s something in it for them: an offer, exclusivity, or simply an improved customer experience. Now more than ever, retailers must realize they are in business to delight customers.
  4. Customer Journey. Customers now expect a seamless communications experience across digital and physical touchpoints. Failing to adapt to customers’ increased expectations puts your business at risk.
  5. Amazon Realities. From brand protection to revenue generation, Amazon offers retailers many ways to grow and strengthen its brands.

And, our personal favorite quote of the event was during a presentation given by Free People, “…then we introduced postal retargeting through NaviStone, and can I say, the results were mind blowing. If you aren’t doing these than you are missing the boat!”

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NaviStone participated in the exclusive 2019 GRMA Growth and Innovation Forum which took place in St. Pete’s, Florida. This C-Suite executive leadership forum gathered together marketing leaders from the world’s top brands to discuss emerging technology, future trends in marketing and ideas on how to drive industry excellence that will shape the future. Our team came away with some poignant topics that have been inspiring us for weeks now!

  • It’s not about personas anymore. In fact, when you get down to it, personas actually go against the very idea of personalization and individualization. Personas have a way of creating a broader segment by bucketing individuals into a type. It’s about personalization which is putting the customer needs first. In fact, Stephanie Fischer, President & CEO of GRMA said it best when she stated, “Today, the customer is in charge. It’s not about developing products and getting customers to buy, but it’s about mobilizing your company around customer needs.”
  • For years, Millennials have been under the marketer’s microscope. Who are they? Do they love us? Why not? How do we get them to love us? But, perhaps the most important question is…are they worth it? From this discussion we determined that while investing in marketing to Millennials is an okay thing to do, let’s not forget about the Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers. Afterall, they are still the age group with the greatest spending power. It’s about creating different strategies for each group, but don’t forget about the age group that is buying.
  • Purpose-based marketing is a win/win! It’s always a good feeling to market to others, for others. And, what better way to connect with consumers than by earning their trust and loyalty through the emotional bond of supporting a worthy cause? The idea of brands bonding with their audience through shared interests really struck a chord for us. Not only does purpose driven marketing achieve the overall objective of helping others, but it prompts an immediate and meaningful engagement with your customers.


Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty! It was all the rage at the recent CRMC 2019 conference in Chicago this month. This annual event brings retailers together to openly share their marketing and CRM strategies, ideas and challenges, and this year the biggest theme was loyalty programs!

Retailers are taking loyalty to the next level with immersive experiences used to incentivize and meet their customers’ needs. From capturing data through sign-ups and other forms, marketers are able to deliver highly personalized communication to members of their loyalty programs. This rich, first-party data combined with the technology of being able to reach their customer quickly and in a relevant way has brands feeling optimistic about the future of retaining and delighting their customers.

For some retailers, the idea of loyalty is growing beyond just a program, and it’s become a key, strategic piece of the entire marketing plan.

When talking about their loyalty program, Kate Jung, Director of Loyalty, Mobile & Strategic Partnerships at Express, had some great insights. “Personalization is a big theme and has a part in what we’re working on, but it has to be an enterprise initiative,” she said. “It can’t just be based in a CRM or loyalty program, it has to be the whole group.” 

While loyalty programs are great for incentivizing your active customers, we believe there is also a great opportunity to acquire more loyalty members. Connect with the NaviStone team on how to uncover more customers for the enticing loyalty programs that await them!

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