Infographic — Your Direct Mail Marketing Strategy Starts Online

Your direct mail marketing strategy starts onlineDirect mail marketing hasn’t typically been given much consideration by digital marketers — until recently. Today’s direct mail is just as technology- and data-reliant as any other form of modern-day marketing.

Some may even argue that the “print-to-digital” paradigm is about to be flipped. Information marketers gather online from intent data and other browsing behaviors will be used to increase direct mail efforts; it will be a “digital-to-print” marketing world.  

Infographic: Your Direct Mail Marketing Strategy Starts Online

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(Infographic Transcript)
Technology is a valuable asset for direct mail circulation, understanding buyer intent, and timed distribution.

Seven-eighth of consumers research online  before making a purchase.

Direct marketers can study traffic to website to see how consumers are interacting with company, so there is no need to rely soley on transactional data to predict current consumer behavior.

Data gives multi-pronged attack: WHO to market to, WHAT to show, WHEN to market.

Utilize QR codes, landing pages, and promo codes to track effectiveness of direct marketing approach.

Not only greet customer by name but also resolve their pain points/meet their desires at every moment.