What’s All the Buzz? Attribution…Where to Start.

Attribution Buzz

Marketing attribution allows for a level of understanding around each marketing program and the ability each has in influencing individuals to engage in a desired behavior, typically a conversion. As you can imagine, attribution entails access to vast amounts of data, which requires time, skill and discipline to maintain. Take a look at the below Infographic which breaks down the buzz on attribution and where marketers can get started!

At the end of the day, marketers are trying to understand the impact of a marketing program to the overall campaign performance. In fact, marketing attribution is becoming more and more important in order to determine marketing success. 56% of marketers believe attribution is important, while a further 33% believe it’s nothing short of critical. And we expect these numbers to grow even bigger. Here are 5 suggestions we recommend for thinking through attribution and how to measure the success of your marketing programs.

Attribution Infographic_v1

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