Personalization Marketing vs Individualized Marketing - Infographic

Personalized Marketing vs. Individualized Marketing

For many years, data-driven marketers have preached personalization as a way to reach consumers more effectively. Personalization has its place in a marketing strategy, but it’s not enough for today’s consumers. Marketers must use data to deliver individualized marketing if they want to reach the consumer before they are at the purchase stage. But what's the difference between personalized marketing tactics and individualized marketing tactics? 

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Personalization vs. Individualization


  • Mass marketing technique
  • Based on transaction history
  • Surface-level customer knowledge
  • Message and artwork created before consumer interest


  • Data-driven marketing technique
  • Based on current consumer interest
  • Understanding the consumer as an unique individual
  • Message and artwork created in the moment of interest

Every time a person goes online to research or find a solution, they're leaving behind data clues to what they’re currently interested in or need. This data can tell marketers not only what they're looking at, but provide insights into why they're looking at a specific product. That's powerful information for marketers to have, and as you collect all this consumer data, it’s your obligation to deliver valuable, individualized marketing that meets the current needs of that consumer.


How to Deliver Individualized Next-Gen Marketing