NaviStone January News Roundup

News Roundup

As we wrap up the first month in 2018 and review our list of the top five stories published for direct marketers, we are reminded that direct mail remains strong. Check out our January roundup below for stories on smarter retargeting, the results brands see when incorporating direct mail into their marketing mix and updates on the direct marketing industry.

January's Top 5 Direct Marketing News Stories

1. 6 Tips to Improve Your Retargeting in 2018 

In this article written by Radoslaw Dobrolecki, in TotalRetail, we learn the six best ways to improve retargeting. This story serves as a reminder to all marketers that retargeting continues to drive results as retargeted users consistently outperform new users when it comes to engagement, purchases and retention.

2. Why You Won't Stop Getting Junk Mail

This piece written by Sarah Nassauer from the Wall Street Journal, is another reminder of how Direct Mail marketing is still not dead, but in reality, a critical component to a retailer’s marketing mix. Through citing examples of a Direct Mail focus and successes seen from retailers such as Costo Wholesale Corp, and, this story reinforces the effectiveness of offline advertising when combined with analytics and digital marketing.

3. What GDPR Means for U.S. Brands

In one of several stories from the Direct Marketing News series called “GDPR Week”, Senior Editor, Hillary Adler, writes an informative break down of the effects that GDPR (The General Data Protection Regulation) will have on U.S. Brands. This artcile reminds marketers to stay educated on the facts around the upcoming regulations in Europe protecting the personal data of European consumers.

4. Direct Mail Continues to Drive Planned Giving

Mark Hrywna of The NonProfit Times highlights the results and huge impact seen by nonprofit organizations such as, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, when using direct mail and online campaigns for planned giving. “The reality is that we live in a multichannel world. Donors are multichannel and they will continue to engage with nonprofits online and offline,” says Steve MacLaughlin, vice president, data and analytics, at Blackbaud.

5. USPS Prices Go Up on Sunday

Target Marketing senior content editor, Heather Fletcher, educates marketers on what price changes took place on January 21 by the USPS. This piece outlines everything you need to know about the prices changes on products and tips on saving money while continuing to use the postal service. 


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