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NaviStone Infographic Logo-1Dear Zippy,

I’m always trying to learn more about my customers and potential customers; who they are, what their interests are, what product(s) resonate with them, and why?

We rely heavily on our in-store associates to pay attention to shoppers and share insights. With so much “shopping” happening online, I feel like I need to be a mind reader to understand what is motivating consumers.

What is the best way to understand what online consumers are thinking about?


Mind Reader in Milwaukee

Dear Mind Reader in Milwaukee,

There is so much we learn about people just by watching them. Are their arms folded across their chest or are arms open? Are they standing up straight or slouching? Are they smiling or not? Even more specifically, what products are they looking at; color, size, style?

Through a consumers body language, information is being conveyed. When consumers interact with our brands digitally, when we can’t observe them, we need to rely on digital body language.

Digital body language is the aggregate of all the digital activity you see from an individual:

  • How did the consumer get to your website?
  • How often have they visited your site?
  • How many pages of the site have they viewed?
  • How long have they stayed on each page?
  • How much time passes before they come back to your site?
  • What products are they viewing?
  • Did they cart anything?
  • Are they interacting with your social media?

This nonverbal activity will provide the clues needed to understand how to interact with your online shoppers. You will see which products they are interested in because you will see how much time they browsed a product, and how deeply they browsed. You will understand their intent by learning if they carted anything, requested additional information or chatted with an online consultant. You will understand if they are delighted with the product because you will see if they engage with your social media, or made subsequent visits to your site.

These digital behavioral clues may even be more telling than the traditional body language you've historically observed!

Best wishes,

Zippy the Snail

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