NaviStone September News Roundup

Round up

Soon we will be decking the halls and raising a toast to 2023! But first, let's recap what marketers have been talking about this quarter. In case you’ve missed them, here are the top four articles from the last few weeks.

1. IAB: More Than Half Of Ad Data Signals Already Lost, Warns Legislation Is Greatest Threat

In this article written by Laurie Sullivan in MediaPost, she breaks down the key takeaways from IAB’s latest report on the State of Data 2022 Part II: Preparing for the New Addressability Landscape. In this report, commissioned by IAB and fielded by MediaScience, it highlights privacy legislation, deprecation of third-party cookies and identifiers, and platform policies that affect data collection, addressability, measurement, and optimization for digital advertising and marketing. 

As stated in this story by Angelina Eng, vice president of Programmatic+Data Center at the IAB, “Larger organizations have a lot more resources to address these changes, such as larger teams, investments to manage data management platforms and data clean rooms, but many are struggling in the way they approach the change,” she said. “They are not sure if they will implement a sweeping change across all states, or whether they will approach each state legislation differently.”

To read more about how the industry is prepared for these sweeping changes in regulations, click here.

You can also download the full report here.

2. Patagonia Founder Gives Away the Company to Fight Climate Change

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have likely heard that Patagonia, CEO, Yvon Chouinard has transferred ownership of Patagonia, valued at about $3 billion, to a specially designed trust and a nonprofit organization. According to this story in the New York Times, “They were created to preserve the company’s independence and ensure that all of its profits – some $100 million – are used to combat climate change and protect undeveloped land around the globe.

We can't wait to see how Patagonia and its fearless leader make good on its commitment to run a socially responsible business and give away its profits. For the full story, click here.

3. How retailers are preparing for an early holiday shopping season – and last-minute shoppers

The NRF published this story on some forecasting and predictions for the 2022 holiday shopping season. When the NRF asked retailers how they’re preparing for the holiday season, here were a few themes that bubbled up: It starts in October, easy gifting, capturing the moment and change is coming.

When thinking about the early shopping season, Macy’s had to say this.

“We expect holiday shopping will start in October, similarly to the past two years,” says Nata Dvir, chief merchandising officer at Macy’s. “Our strength as an omnichannel retailer is that we’re able to meet customers wherever and however they want to shop. As a leading style and gifting destination, we know that our customers are looking for new and exciting brands and products.”

Not enough details? Click here to learn more about what these themes mean and how to prepare.

4. Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky Says Competitors Have the Travel Marketing Funnel All Wrong

For the travel industry marketers out there, this story includes a new perspectives from executives at Airbnb and Expedia on how to think about the marketing funnel and challenge the traditional thinking around it.

To quote Brian Chesky, CEO from Airbnb…

“A lot of people think that the way to be top of the funnel in travel is to sell flights because flights is the [ first ] purchase you make,” Chesky said during an interview at a Goldman Sachs technology conference earlier this week. “I actually think the top of funnel isn’t flights, it’s inspiring people where to travel to. That’s the first decision you make. Where should I travel?”

For more on this, click here.