Top Five Blog Posts of 2021

Top Five

Throughout the year we have been providing tips and tricks to marketers who subscribe to our blog. Over these 12 months, we have seen videos, infographics and podcasts rise to the top in views and replays. Browse some of our most popular content of 2021. From shoe brand Nisolo's direct marketing journey through the pandemic to tips on inventory issues, check out our list below.

Direct Mail Isnt Dead-1

5. What is Direct Mail Retargeting and How Does it Work?

In today’s high-tech, low touch world, it may be difficult to grasp the power of digital retargeting via direct mail since digital and print are siloed. If you’re like most marketers, you spend a lot of time and money driving website traffic.

The challenge is when most people reach your site, they’re not ready to buy. So, much of that effort relies on digital retargeting. However, did you know that as recently as 2019, the conversion rate for direct mail marketing reached as high as 5%? Imagine combining the power of direct mail marketing with digital ad retargeting.

Say hello to Direct Mail Retargeting! Read more here.


Nisolo Lessons In Direct Marketing

4. Walking a Mile in Nisolo's Shoes: Lessons of Direct Marketing through the Pandemic

Hear from Chris Rose, VP of Marketing at Nisolo and Courtney Schack, VP of Client Services, at NaviStone as they discuss how they met the challenges of 2020 by testing and adapting (and generating an 8:1 ROAS!) with direct mail retargeting and how they are applying their lessons learned in 2021. Check out the on-demand version of the Webinar here.

Ask the Snail

3. Ask the Snail! Inventory Issues

An overwhelming amount of retailers are all faced with the same issue a year and a half into the pandemic...inventory issues. Whether you're facing a lack of supply and too much demand or have too much supply and not enough demand, check out some tips on how to handle the great inventory crash of 2021. Take a minute to learn more here

Black Friday recap

2. 2021 Black Friday Recap

Less than a month after Black Friday, the numbers are in. Although the results from a few single days may look lower than past years, it should be noted that this year holiday sales kicked off earlier than in past years, with some retailers beginning their holiday sales as early as October. Take a look at our recap of 2021 Black Friday results in this infographic. And remember, there is still plenty of time for consumers to shop!

Advantages of DM

1.10 Top Advantages of Direct Mail Marketing

From building trust with your customers to providing that feeling of excitement when opening the mailbox, here is a list of our top 10 advantages and benefits of direct mail marketing.

Marketing is complex and marketing is evolving: Display, Social, Mobile, SMS, MMS, Personalized TV. However, some of the best results tied to improving brand awareness, customer retention and overall sales come from tried and true strategies such as direct mail services. Here is a list of our top 10 advantages and benefits of direct mail marketing.


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